Sevens and Queens

Sevens and Queens is a variation on the card game Hearts. Instead of any heart being worth one point and the Queen of Spades being worth 13: all sevens are worth one point, and all queens are worth two points. All other rules (passing, shooting the moon, no points cards on the first turn etc) are retained. Variations: “Sevens, 11’s and queens”: Variation for six players using a six-handed-500 deck.
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Updated 2017-09-13 100 points per round (4 5’s worth 5 each, 4 10’s worth 10 each, 4 kings worth 10 each, + 25 dragon - 25 phoenix) combinations: single - pair - stairs - triple - straight (5+, any suits) - full house - bombs {{ quads - straight flush (5+) }} red joker - Phoenix Worth 0.5 more than the top card Wild (except in bombs) BUT it’s worth -25 in the pile.
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